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"Your web site is a great resource. Your manual's General Evaluator page came in very handy in my preparation for the first time in this role. Thank you, and keep up the good work.- E. W., Sgt-at-Arms, The Mighty 1290, Lewis County, WA

Award Levels -- Aspire to the numerous possibilities for achievement in Toastmasters.
Description of Toastmaster Speeches & Manuals -- A list of the first ten speeches from the Communication & Leadership Manual, plus a list of the ATM (Advanced Toastmaster) manuals.
Typical Meeting with Description of Duties -- A step-by-step description of the meetings, plus a brief description of the various roles you can take on each meeting.
The Purpose and History of Toastmasters International -- By member Marianne Stiewi. Includes the fear of public speaking, reasons and benefits of joining Toastmasters, how the club works, and history.

Web sites

Webster's Dictionary Word of the Day Famous Speeches
The Daily Motivator
Marianne Phillips Homepage


"Thank you for the exhaustive list of ideas for speaking topics. I was really struggling with what to talk about for my upcoming Speaking with Sincerity speech ... I have more than enough ideas now. Great resource!" - C. C., Rochester High Noon Toastmasters, Rochester, New York

Need help thinking of a topic for your next speech? Click here for a huge list of possible speech topics.


"You have some great material on an excellent web site - congratulations." - G. T., The Toastmasters Club of Berne, Switzerland

Being the Toastmaster
Adding Impact With Humor
How to Turn Off Nervous Thoughts
How to Make Your Speech Titles Talk
A Guide to Presentations
Tips for Writing a Wedding Speech
Exercises to Relax and Help Breathing
Fifty Basic Quick Tips For Speakers
How to Use Mind Mapping to Prepare Powerful Speeches
Strategies & Tactics for Dealing With Difficult Speaking Situations
Friendships: Your Key to Speaking Success
Winning Presentations: Present Like a Pro And Win More Sales
The Importance of Listening
Overcoming Speaking Anxiety in Meetings & Presentations
Procrastination and Time Management
SUCCESS: Take Your Dreams into Space!
Eye Contact - Good For The Audience ...And You!
Nine Strategies to Position Yourself for Greater Profit
Twenty Tips for Spellbinding Speeches
Five Strategies to Reduce Stress NOW!
Steps in your Pursuit of Happiness!
The Importance of Introductions
Effective Use of Props
Good Handouts
Some Notes on Notes
Evaluating the Accomplished Speaker
Allow Me to Introduce Myself
The Impact of Color
The 5 Toastmasters Senses
The Power of SPEECH
Can Your Audience Hear You?


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