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Speaker's Bureau

A.S.T. - District 50, Area 66, Club 9872



                                             FOR ORGANIZATIONS IN SEARCH OF A SPEAKER

WHAT IS THE SPEAKER'S BUREAU? A  listing of Toastmasters who are enthusiastic about speaking before your organization.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? It's free. The Toastmasters listed have volunteered to give their presentation without charge. The only pay they receive is the satisfaction of improving their presentation skills.

HOW DO I CONTACT A SPEAKER?  You may e-mail the speaker directly to make arrangements.



                                                        FOR TOASTMASTERS SPEAKERS

WANT TO USE YOUR SKILLS OUTSIDE THE CLUB IN THE "REAL WORLD"?  Join the speaker's bureau! (Limited to dues paid members of Addison Toastmasters). If you have a particular topic or topics which you would be willing to share with outside organizations, you may post your name and available  speech topics. 

Please give , either by person or by e-mail, the following information for posting:

Speech Topic or Topics which you have prepared and are ready to present.
Title of your presentation.
Brief description of your topic and how it would be of interest to an outside audience.
Estimated length of your speech (speeches longer then manual speeches are recommended. Perhaps extend one of your prior speeches).
Question and Answer Session allowed?
Maximum audience size (if applicable).
Days and Times you are available to speak.
Your e-mail address and /or telephone number.
Any geographic limitations (ie. only in Dallas, only within 50 miles of Dallas, etc.)
Any other information you would like to add to aid in matching your presentation with an outside organization. 
A good photo  (this is optional)          


                        Bill Magee - CTM

Speech Topic #1  Volunteer Opportunities with Contact Crisis Hotline
Speech Topic #2 Benefits and Opportunities of Toastmasters
Speech Topic #3 Creating and Promoting your own Website
Estimated Speaking time Variable , based on occasion requirements
Question / Answer session? Yes,  this is encouraged
Available Times? Evenings after 6:00 and on Weekends
Geographic Limitations Will speak within the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex
E-mail Address


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